Sempre gostei destes tipos

Publisher Princeton Architectural Press writesWhat do you call an architecture firm that draws inspiration from the most extreme aspects of nature and human psychology? When faced with this challenge, architects François Roche and Stephanie Lavaux decided that the best way to express their firm's design philosophy would be to change its name every few years. Presently, the Paris-based practice goes by the name of R&Sie(n). Pronounced "heresy" in French, the firm's radical approach--what they refer to as a "chameleon strategy"--permeates everything they do, right down to their gender-bending, morphed anti publicity photo. Led by Roche and Lavaux, R&Sie(n)'s investigative approach to architecture focuses on developing technological experiments--cartographic distortions and territorial mutations--in order to explore the bond between building, context, and human relations. Each building is a process, a dynamic device with the tenacity of a parasite that uses every means offered by architecture to perform an ecologically useful function.